3 Keys to Managing a Healthy Weight

We are just about 1 week into our New Year’s Resolutions.  Did you make one this year?  Was it health related?  Was it weight related?  If you are like 95% of Americans, you make your weight loss resolutions, stick with it for a week or so, and then fall back into your old habits.  So what do people do that are truly successful with managing their weight?

  1.  They eat a balanced breakfast every morning.  Notice some key words here.  Balanced and Every.  That’s right, balanced means it includes both carbohydrates and proteins.  Most of us forget to add the protein.  Protein ideas for breakfast can include yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese, ham, even smoked salmon or protein shakes or bars.  It is OK to step outside the breakfast box for some protein ideas.  The typical American breakfast is high in carbohydrates and fats and low in protein.  Try to make yours a little different this week.  Every means exactly that, every day.  It has become a habit.  Breakfast will kick start your metabolism if you eat it within one hour of waking up. Maybe you need to move yours a little earlier?
  2. They exercise regularly.  Regularly means it has become a habit.  Ideally exercise should be about 150 minutes per week.  This may vary depending on your weight goals, your other activities, or how intense your activity is.  Which exercise is the best one?  THE ONE YOU ENJOY!  Find something you like and stick with it.  A lot of recent research has shown that interval training is actually the most effective for weight loss, so you may want to give that a try.  Instead of walking for one mile, try running for 1 minute, then walking for 1 minute, and repeat.  That is really all there is to intervals.  Variety is always good, and when you find exercises you enjoy doing, make it a habit!
  3. The keep some sort of food record.  There are many varieties of food records that you can use.  Some people like to track everything including their Calorie intake.  There are lots of apps that can help you with that.  Others prefer to track their “problem times”.  This might include weekends, or perhaps just dinners.  Other people like to focus on getting enough of something, like vegetables.  These folks might use a tally system to help them track how many cups of fruits and vegetables they consume each day.  Whatever you style, find a type of record that will work well for you!

If you are like most and have already given up on your resolution, try one of the three suggestions above.  People who manage their weight successfully do these three things and so should you!  Happy New Year!Cherry 1.JPG


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